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     Voted 2013 "Best Blues Act" by the Portland Phoenix

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PokeChop and The Other White Meat

Selected The Portland Phoenix 2013 Best Blues Act

Bringing Rockin' Blues, Rockin' Soul, Rockin' Country, Johnny Cash and

Rock and Roll to the people.

staff Image of PokeChop staff

From New Orleans to Chicago...   this band is influenced by many the storied and soulful blues acts up and down the Mississippi, Burnside, Carville, Baton Rouge, Lettsworth, Blackhawk and Waterproof.  But that's not to say you won't find some west coast swing or a little Texas twang in an evening's
youtubejpg.tff performance.

chop bros and Perez

The blues has taken on many faces and feels, as much a celebration as a plaintive call and Poke Chop and The Other White Meat brings them all to life once again.  Our disk PORK PIE SPECIAL explores several of these routes in an EP consisiting of 7 original works.  Get yours now at any scheduled performance, or download online at Bandcamp.  Remember this is...
The Portland Phoenix 2013 Best Blues Act

SunPLUS you can find
a copy of our single,
Sweet Pea Boogie at Bandcamp! 
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be sure to check out the calendar and come see us at any number of classy venues who are hosting us.  After all we're The Portland Phoenix 2013 Best Blues Act.

Saxy Bruce2006-2016 was a great time in Maine and we'll continue the tradition of the rockin' blues/soul/county/roll as Poke Chop heads south.

  And as always, tell your friends, tell your babysitter, tell your teachers, tell the mailman, come on out and party some with us!  Join us on FACEBOOK!  The economy is picking up and you're going to need a place to spend some of that stimulus money!  

Ryan HHamboneWe're debuting some new clubs every month, which means that it'll only be a short drive to wherever it is we're playing tonight.  We haven't seen you lately.  The nights are getting shorter so opportunity is knocking to get out and have some fun!  Be sure to get out and support your local live music venue as well as the musicians.  For them it's a labor of love, they do it for your appreciation.

Meanwhile check the schedule as we keep workin' it on through the winter. We routinely eclipse 100 performances a year. 


PBJMUSICIANS!  Well The Portland Blues Jam has once again gone on hiatus.  Check out it's status on Facebook.  No sour grapes here, we're movin on but be sure to support the other venues which host Blues music and show the  world what makes the blues so great.


Tom Be sure to get out and support live music at your localThe Portland Blues Jam establishment and if we're in town we'd LOVE to have you hear us!
Check the schedule and stop by.  Checkout the Maine Blues Society or the Low Country Blues Club website, join!  Support the Blues! See ya soon!

New T'sT-shirts!  t-shirtThat's right, OFFICIAL Poke Chop and TOWM limited edition t-shirts now come in black, navy and cranberry!  Sporting our mascot, pimp and shill, el Puerquito, in all of his belting out the blues glory!  Check them out, a measly $10 ($12 for XXL)for you to be stylin about town showing off the love of your favorite blues band. (SOLD OUT FOR NOW)

Chop with MojoBonzRon Gill, aka "Pokechop", has been playing rockin' rhythm and blues guitar for any number of years nowThe Original White Meats.  He was born in New York City but spent most of his life in the west.  What began in a small Colorado cowtown as an experiment at playing a musical instrument in the1960's during the heyday of the British Invasion turned into a lifetime of study and devotion to the guitar, harmonica and all styles of the blues.  Influences are many as would be expected over the period of this long a time but current favorites are Little Charlie Baty, Freddie King and Hollywood Fats on guitar,  James Harman and of course Little Walter on harmonica and Jimmy Reed and Lucky Peterson for their songwriting skills.  He is currently involved in  a relocation to Charleston SC.  Other groups he's performed in are The Phantom Freeway Rhythm and Blues Revue, Otis T. and the Hammers, Cindy Sweeney and Wichita River and Plymouth Rock, and The Blues Mafia in Portland ME.  Did I mention, Once upon a time the blues boarded a riverboat down in New Orleans. . .

rpg @ Widowmaker1

Dial us up when we come to your neighborhood, support your local musical establishment and have a great time!  We're  The Portland Phoenix 2013 Best Blues Act for cryin' out loud.  We'll be layin' down the blues grooves all up and down the coastal stretches of North, South Carolina and Florida.  Come say howdy so we can get to know you.


The Players

The Other White Meat (TOWM). 

Ryan Halliburton


Ryan has  been writing and performing since 1996, traveling Maine to Florida,

and has opened for and performed with lots of great people: Churchill, Glen Phillips,

The Taylor Hicks Band, Willy Porter, The Brothers Creeggan, Susan Tedeschi, Jeremiah

Freed, Rustic Overtones, Denny Breau, among many others. I am currently performing

and recording with The Grumps, The Still, Clara Junken, and Lisa Donnelly; and on

occasion filling in on Bass or Guitar for several bands around New England.


Steven Forrest Hamblen


A pros pro  brings a wealth of experience, feel and a groovin backbeat to the blues

and all the other genres we perform.  Come listen and see how they do it down south


Bruce Couillard


While driving  an unforgettable beat is their trade, these men comprise the rock solid rhythm section that is the hallmark of dance music around the world.  

Special Guests include...


the hurricaneThere are 16 TONs of bluesplayers both past and present. Want to know who was born today, or who passed on in the world of the blues?  Find their vital statistics at eRic's Blues Dates!

Ron @ widowmaker 2

Send us an email and we'll add you to the mailing list for updates on shows, and appearances! (r0n7719@yahoo.com)

Maybe you'd like to peruse the list of songs we cover along with our own creations.

webporkyFind out more about us and our schedule, happenings, friends, events and all sorts of other stuff at our page on FBFacebook.

So what does it look like when Poke Chop and The Other White Meat hit the road?
The Porky Van

Murphy's SaloonDo you love blues?  If so check out Murphy's Saloon, podcast home of the blues.  He hosts a weekly hour long show of blues artists, new, old, known and unknown!  He's even played some of my stuff!  Tell him Poke Chop sent you!

y'know, everywhere you go these days you're besieged with pre-programmed, MIDI'ed, sampled, synthesized, pop drivel.  Seems the era of the blues musician is going the way of the vinyl record.  


In the future the only place you're going to get a chance to experience this form of ART is in your home theater after visiting your local Blockbuster store.


Well,  get out your hats and sunglasses because in the great tradition of B.B King, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins and the Blues Brothers, we're going to rock your soul with . . . 



The Other White Meat!

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Image of PokeChop